I'm a Creative Director & Copywriter
making (mostly) digital things for brands
and for fun. 



20% of the songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. That's 4 million songs. So we made a little site called Forgotify to play them.




How good are you at judging a book by its cover? We created a game for you to find out. Oh, but afterward we judge you. Check it out on mobile: Judgey 



Meow Mix: Catstarter

Cats have done a lot for the Internet, so Meow Mix decided to return the favor. We created Catstarter as a place for people who love cats to make things cats love. 

Adweek, SFGate, Contagious, Creativity



Reebok HDS

To show off the new Reebok ZJets, we created a runner-powered shoe delivery service for NYC - literally running shoes to feet.



Impossible Foods

So there's this burger. It looks, cooks, smells, and tastes like beef, but it's made from plants. No joke. So how does a world-changing burger talk? Like Captain freakin Planet. Check out Impossible Foods.




Because WebMD always tells you that you're dying, we took the top 500+ WebMD symptoms and created WebNBD — the online resource for the hypochondriac who has everything.

The "doctor" will see you now: WebNBD



TimeOut Shanghai:
The Stolen Phone Tour

We lost a phone to help people find their city again. 



The Foursquarian Candidate

In the fall of 2010, there was a race for Mayor of Chicago. So along with Foursquare, we created a way for everyone in the city to make a run at the office.

Check in. Become Mayor. Become Mayor. 



Google+ I/O Airshow

To give local and global audiences a front row seat at Google's annual I/O Conference, we created a fleet of RC blimps, and let conference-goers control an on-board camera.



Illinois Lottery

The game is Cash For Life. So it's simple: The longer you live, the more you get. 



AAA Car Selfies

In 2015 we created some films to showcase everything AAA can do - insurance, roadside, and more. Films like this one. 



Copppy Cat

I love Dribbble. But as a writer, I noticed a lot of Lorem Ipsum and a lot of bad placeholder copy in many of the site's most popular posts. So I created a Dribbble account that lends a helping copy hand. Copppy Cat fixes typos, rewrites headlines, and provides real copy to replace Lorem Ipsums. It's a small ongoing project of mine. If you frequent Dribbble, I'll see ya around. 




Do we want our police to look like our military? Are police officers trained enough to use military weapons? Does any local police department reasonably need a tank?

To help you answer these questions and more, we created a simple site to help you find out just how militarized your police are.

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